Globe Exports has been in the forefront of the finished leather manufacturing industry. Initially setup to cater to the requirements of the footwear industry, Globe Exports now manufacturers very wide range of fine quality finished leather.  Strict quality standards are maintained in order to achieve the best in terms of quality and longevity. We manufacture leather conforming to DIN & Non DIN norms and the EN345 specifications and every piece undergoes a very stringent quality control process.

The extremely wide range of finished leather manufactured by us are:

1.       Buff Non DIN Category

a.       Printed Leather

b.       Crazy Horse

c.       Waxy

d.       Nubuck

e.       C.G.

f.         Burnish

g.       Floater

h.       Lining Leathers

i.         Smooth Leather

j.         Split Leather

2.       Buff DIN S3, S4,  S6 (Water Repellent)

a.       Printed Leather

b.       Crazy Horse

c.       Waxy

d.       Nubuck

e.       C.G.

f.         Split Leather

3.       Harness Leather on Vegetable Tanning in Low Chrome

4.       Upholstery Leather

5.       Cow Calf Leather

a.       Lining

b.       Floater

c.       Nappa

d.       Crazy Horse

e.       Softy

f.         PDM

g.       NDM

h.       Smooth

6.       Buff Calf Leather

a.       Burnish Full Grain

b.       Burnish Snuff

c.       Nubuck

d.       Waxy

e.       Lining

f.         CG

g.       Softy

h.       Smooth

7.       Leather Board for Shoes & Belts

We adopt a totally non pollutant, non hazardous as well as eco friendly manufacturing process there by ensuring that all our products are free from:

1.       Azo group

2.       Formaldehyde

3.       Benzene

4.       Chrom 6

These qualities have won us the confidence of our customers who now give us the first preference when it comes to meeting their growing demands of Finished Leather and Leather board.


We welcome queries from our guest visitors to this site to get to know more about their requirements.


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